Gin Benefício – Herbal


This Hemp Flower Gin recipe contains a wide selection of eleven botanicals that make this gin extremely floral and fresh.

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Our botanics

  • Lime – it is this gin freshness element;
  • Lemon Grass – introduced to give balance and at the same time add to the hemp herbal flavour;
  • Cardamom – a classic of British gins, we use it as an appeal to consumers memories to inform the brain that they are drinking gin while we are adding another hint of freshness;
  • Gengibre – gives a spicy touch (Spicyness) with a citrus and light aftertaste. It gains complexity as it blends in with the spicy sensation of alcohol. A discovery for connoisseurs! (Note: the spicy ginger is felt at the bottom of the mouth instead of the alcohol that invades the entire mouth.)
  • Allspice and Black Tea – these two work together and go unnoticed by most palates. They are at the hottest notes of gin and their big secret is their ability to combine all the flavours and make them last in time, even after swallowing.

Test results

Intensity: Intense

  • On the nose: it undoubtedly presents itself as a gin from the new era - Juniper, unmistakable, but without drowning out its purposeful hemp identity. Let the hemp flavour rise for and in a gently way feel a sweeter aroma revealing the cardamom's prince and slightly minty herb. Try a more daring sniff that will sting your nose - not to be confused with alcohol scent, it is the ginger all the way up!
  • In the mouth: once again we have a real gin with the juniper to lead. Hemp creases its identity and is identical to the nasal sensations that materialize in the mouth. It is important to note that there is a creamy and long-lasting mouthfeel, this feeling disguises its 43% degree. As in the nose, the spicy sensation is ginger and not alcohol.


+ Produced and bottled in Portugal

+ Clear transparent colour

+ Limited series of 100 units and numbered

+ Alcohol Content: 43.0% Vol at 20 ºC

+ Capacity: 500 ml

+ Distillation equipment: Copper Still

+ Production method: London Dry

+ Type of Alcohol: Neutral Grain Spirit

+ Water Double filtered: inverse osmosis

+ Nutritional Value: 86 kcal by 30 ml serving

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