O Benefício

We edit diversified unique pieces.

Our mission is to develop high added value products, by creating a limited edition solely of 100 units of each of our products.


Paulo Fernandes

I fought with Greeks and Romans, when I thought I should rest from those battles I traveled to Lisbon. I entered the world of the arts and that was the first step to realize the importance of details, artistic delicacy and beauty. For me, both in perfection and in imperfection, there is beauty and together they make any piece unique. Now the Benefit is born and I am reborn.

Ricardo Nunes

An admirer of Jack Kerouac, an enthusiast of social media ecosystems and the laws of Raoult, Henry and Dalton. I can therefore say that I have always sought a balance between the passions that plague my spirit and the desire to be part of something different and that is the result of a humanism that I try to profess at all times. The Benefit is this and more. “Walking on water wasn't built in a day”

Nuno Gervásio

He is creative, screenwriter and mobile photographer. He is also a programmer and presenter for Shortcutz Lisboa - International Short Film Movement - and author of the website Lisboa, Menina ou Moça. You can see some of the work you do with your smartphone on Instagram.

Junior Lins

Studied Photography in Recife, Brazil. He graduated in Communication and Culture from the University of the Azores. He worked in photography and video with the producer Subfilmes in the projects Shortcutz, Offbeatz and If You Walk The Galaxies. Participated in projects for global brands, advertising and communication agencies.

Alfredo Matos

A computer person who wears many hats. Entrepreneur, programmer, engineer, doctor, researcher, inventor. He just doesn't sing because they don't let him (and because nobody deserves to hear it). In fact, he spends the day sitting at his computer making lists, programming and trying to launch businesses.

Gonçalo Freitas

Web Designer and Front end Developer since 1998. Almost always connected to communication, he developed projects for major national and international brands. Currently, he also promotes series, films and comics through the Spoiler Alert project.

Francisco da Silva

Francisco was Head of Digital at Live Content, he was Marketing Director for Twitter for Portugal, where he formed the digital teams of major Communication agencies and Media groups. He directed the Content Lab at Ogilvy, a partnership with Mindshare for the production of digital content and was responsible for the Strategy of several political and institutional campaigns.


Doctor Spin

Doctor Spin plans and executes your communication strategy. We offer a multi-channeled approach to Strategic Communications, Media Relations and Marketing consultancy to help startups effectively raise awareness and credibility for their business in the media and through social media channels.

Startup Lisboa

Startup Lisboa is an incubator that supports the creation of companies and monitors their first years of activity.

Óbidos Technological Park

The PTO is the first park in the country to have two universities, a polytechnic and a technical school in the management entity. The location and global positioning of the Óbidos Technological Park, particularly aimed at the creative industries, allow it to be differentiated from existing parks, giving a great advantage, where the partnership with universities translates into the development of research projects linked to companies.