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Família Portuguesa

This family is made of tradition and is a tribute by Benefício to Portuguese flavours. There are two iconic products from Portugal and two of the classic Benefício products.

Benefit Olive Oil is produced by our friend Luís Coutinho, in a centenary mill and made as it was done a hundred years ago, and simultaneously adapted to new challenges - being also a pioneer in organic production and biodynamic agriculture -, with the CSS-Comércio guarantee seal Solidary and Sustainable.

The Benefício Ginja Liqueur was born from the partnership between Benefício and the renowned Oppidum, and it is an exclusive recipe that guarantees the originality of the sensations - the vision, the touch, the smell and the taste -, which make this Ginja Liquor a unique and original piece, for a tasting full of emotion.

Família Feliz

The Benefício Hemp Flower Gin is a gin-based on Juniper and an infusion of 11 botanists and whose magic is given by the Herb Prince, Cardamom and Ginger. The Hemp Flower plays the vocalist role, a plant with very herbaceous flavours, and we've compensated with freshness and sweetness.

The tasting notes on the nose and mouth confirm the Benefício Hemp Flower Gin as a new age gin and with an intrinsic complexity so that connoisseurs and connoisseurs have a reason for conversation and challenges in their tasting. This Gin is macerated inside the Copper Still and subsequently distilled. It is produced by the London Dry method, and therefore the product of a unique distillation. In the development process of this Hemp Flower Gin, three variations were born, Herbal, Summery and Delicate, and as in a happy Family everyone is welcome, so there are three differentiated products with the same distillation base.