Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefício


It is at Herdade da Tapada da Tojeira, under the “baton” of our friend Luís Coutinho, that Beneficial Olive Oil is produced.

We have been working for over 100 years, with all the traditional characteristics, using granite mills and hydraulic presses, a pioneer in organic production and biodynamic agriculture, and with the CSS-Solidary and Sustainable guarantee seal. Beneficial Olive Oil is obtained from olives of the Galician variety and the first cold pressing, therefore having a unique colour and flavour.

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+ Manual picking

+ First cold press

+ Monovarietal, Galician olives

+ Bottle closed with a stopper, sealed with beeswax

+ Replacement stopper

+ Limited series of 100 units and numbered

+ Capacity: 500 ml

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PT 6,20 €
EU 23,80 €
RM 35,90 €


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