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A computer sleeve and a pouch
are born from the tradition of the Minde Looms.
Inspired by Grandma’s Blankets and keep-alive
the tradition of pure sheepskin weaving
and with an original standard for this edition.

The Cherry Sour Liqueur is made from the traditional wisdom and guarantees originality at the level of sensations – sight, touch, smell and taste.
This is an exclusive blend of Benefício,
developed in partnership with Oppidum.

From fleeting fuel to a backpack
for life. The Benefit Backpack, Edition
Beltimore is made up of seat belts and so
we increase the useful life of a material
which is nothing but fuel to burn.

The Olive Oil Benefit is produced at Herdade
da Tapada da Tojeira. The second series of this
Olive Oil has the particularity of being our first
product with a Designation of Protected Origin.
The 1st edition was our first product.

Doing Justice to our motto, reserve the next
Edition even before it’s revealed.
You can already pre-book the next Benefício.
It will be an object with history, done with care,
in the right time and with quality.