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– Handmade;
– Made with recycled seatbealts;
– Traditional leather finishes;
– Rusty Brass fittings;
– Dry weight 1.25 kg;
– Volume 12 L + (can go up to 14 L)
– Ideal for 15 ‘’ computers;
– Padded laptop compartment;
– Inside zip pocket and outside pen holder;
– Easy access outside pocket, camouflaged into the backpack´s design;
– Inside the backpack´s main label, there is a disguised personalized label with series number.

SKU: SerBelt_BPack

Cleaning and upkeep of the Beneficio Backpack

The Beneficio Backpack Beltimore series, uses high resistance material and little maintenance is needed. However, cleaning and upkeep of the general surface is important.

Exterior material – Seatbelts

During the intensive trial tests, beating the backpack a few times proved to be enough to remove dust, stains and dirt, making it look like new.
For the more stubborn stains, a damp furless soft cloth, over the surface is suffice letting it dry afterwards.

Leather finishes

The leather has a traditional treatment. Overtime the leather tends to become uniform, however it may at times present signs of wear as well as a tenuous color.
The simple treatment used, used on other types of leather, hydrates the leather. soft cloth or sponge should be used to carefully to apply soft moisturizing cream, as not to stain the rest of the backpack; once applied leave to dry for a while and wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

Special conditions for this edition

The Beneficio Backpack – The Beltimore Series is 100% handmade and because of such we estimate that each one of our 100 units sold by Beneficio will take fifteen business days for execution plus delivery time.
Please see Delivery Times and Shipping Costs in our Terms and Conditions.