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Ângela Subtil

She comes from the land of Bordalo Pinheiro (a famous Portuguese pottery artist), from the cavacas, from the spas and grew up in a family connected to pottery – and perhaps that was what made her have an eye and a taste for the beautiful and the things done with her hands. He chose to be a therapist. She studied Physiotherapy in Alcoitão and dedicated herself, heart and soul, to taking care of her neighbour. She is a physiotherapist, co-founder of the Associação Portuguesa de Massagem Infantil and “mother” of Casa da Árvore, a multidisciplinary space in Caldas da Rainha where various activities, practices, and therapies meet under one roof with the intention of promoting well-being. Along with all this, Ângela never lost the interest for the arts and crafts that brought alive in the memory from the childhood. From these times comes the taste for the blankets of Minde that adorned the house of her grandparents.
A few years ago, she went into the heart of the Serra d’Aire hunting for the standards of her childhood and was devastated when she heard that the more than 200 looms in Minde were exchanged for industrial looms and the traditional old instruments left only two – as a hand full of memories of times when “the deafening noise of the weaving and weaving of the weavers was heard on the street.” It was with the looms left over and with the few artisans who still know them the precepts that began to work with the intention of rekindling the passion for the manufacture, by the standards of the old days, by the art of the earth – by tradition. This is how Subtil Loom was born and this is how objects born of an art that time wanted to throw into oblivion gradually gain a new light. These are your “threads with history”.


Carlos Batalha

Carlos Batalha is called a self-taught inventor.
Born in Lisbon in 1980, he grew up with a restless spirit, which leads him to refuse an academic course in favor of pure creation. He discovered the love of wood at the age of 32 and since then, he has dedicated himself to restoration and woodworking. The Oficina Poder Ser and the << p Á s >> home living & design are the “boys of your eyes”. Nowadays he creates objects in the image of what is in his soul and discovers the magnificent art of carving almost by candlelight.
For any challenge, “Pode Ser!” (“IT CAN BE!”)



Nuno Miguel Dias (or DIAZ), was born in Benfica in 1975 but took refuge the next day in the “Margem SOL”, where he has lived ever since. He was a journalist for 15 years, many of them with the best work in the World:
Being paid to travel and write (and photograph) about it. In travel magazines. But as he thought that “travel writer” was a more handsome epithet, he stopped paying the Professional Wallet.
Or because the late Blue Travel no longer paid its reporters. Nowadays he is part of the Marketing Department of MSC Cruises, but continues to write about things if asked very nicely.
After already drinking coffee. Most of the time he’s a father, in the least, the rest only if he can not.



João Sousa was born in Évora, Portugal in 1989, having completed studies in Visual Arts in the same city. He graduated as an Architect in the year of 2012 in ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon. Was co-author of an exhibition book and an awarded documentary film about the work of the architect Luiz Cunha. He works with the team of Vitruvius FabLab – IUL, a research and digital fabrication laboratory, being involved in several projects and in the organization of events in that context. He was, in 2013, an intern architect in the company Wierszyllowski & Projektanci, an architecture and interior design office in Poznan, Poland.



Vitruvius FabLab ISCTE-IUL (VFABLAB-IUL) is a space for sharing knowledge, manufacturing and innovation. Innovation and development increasingly more involve the close relationship between creatives and universities, companies and national industries, with a view to exploiting synergies that enrich the processes of development and application of solutions at different scales. The digital manufacturing laboratory supports innovation through the materialization of ideas.

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