Sleeve – Subtle Loom Edition


A computer sleeve is born from the tradition of the Minde Looms. Inspired by grandma's blankets and keep-alive the tradition of pure sheepskin weaving and with an original standard for this edition.

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Inspired by the grandmother’s blankets to keep alive the tradition of weaving in sheepskin wool, which gives this Benefício a sturdy material with an original pattern designed for this edition, plus the detail of a button made of Camellia japonica wood and finishing in beeswax.

The Sleeve has a part of sheepskin tanned with mimosa vegetal extract, in order to maintain the sustainability, ecological and artisan that characterize the Benefício editions.

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Sleeve supports up to three different notebook configurations, with dimensions of:

30.4 × 21.2 cm // Mac Book Pro 13 inch
34.9 × 24.1 cm // Mac Book Pro 15 inch
32.5 × 22.7 cm // Mac Book Air 13 inch


Black and meadow


PT 6,20 €
EU 23,80 €
RM 35,90 €


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