Backpack – Beltimore Edition

From fleeting fuel to a backpack for life. The Backpack – Beltimore Edition is made of seat belts and so we increase the useful life of a material that is nothing more than fuel to burn.


The Backpack – Beltimore Edition:

  • Manually produced;
  • Produced with recycled seat belts;
  • Traditional leather finishes;
  • Fittings in oxidized brass;
  • Dry weight 1.25 kg;
  • Indoor volumetry 12 L + (can go up to 14 L);
  • Ideal for 15-inch computers;
  • Padded and safety protection for the laptop;
  • Inside bag with zip and inside pocket for pen;
  • Outdoor bag easily accessible, but camouflaged in the backpack design;
  • Label with personalization and serial number disguised inside the main label.

Additional information

Maintenance and cleaning

The Backpack – Beltimore Edition uses high-strength, low-maintenance materials. However, maintenance and cleaning of the overall surface is important.

In intensive use tests, it was found that spanking is enough to make the entire surface look like new. Dust, dust spots and surface dirt disappear without much difficulty. For more persistent dirt, you can clean it a little more deeply using a soft, lint-free cloth, moistened with water. Iron the entire surface evenly, let it dry and cleaning is complete.

The leather has a traditional treatment. It is a type of leather that with use tends to become completely uniform, but which may show signs of wear over time, such as a more subdued color. The recommended treatment is simple and aims to hydrate the skin. It is the same as in other pieces of skin. a soft, lint-free cloth or a soft sponge, and use a soft moisturizer, carefully so as not to stain the fabric of the rest of the backpack; after application let it stand and then wipe with a clean dry cloth.


PT 6,20 €
EU 23,80 €
RM 35,90 €


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