The Olive Oil Benefício is produced at Herdade da Tapada da Tojeira. The new series of this Olive Oil has the particularity of being our first product with a Designation of Protected Origin. The 1st edition of olive oil was our first product.

Way | Estate | Wine press | 1st edition


This was our trip. We invite you to do it with us.


The Herdade Tapada da Tojeira is located in the Center of Portugal, in the Geopark Naturtejo, it is essentially made up of Olival and cork oak forests, which are centuries old.

It was a pioneer in organic production, in biodynamic agriculture and is part of Solidary and Sustainable Trade.

Wine press

More than 100 years of work, with all the traditional features using granite mills and hydraulic presses.

The olive oil produced here is obtained from the first cold pressing and therefore has a unique color and flavor.

1st edition

It is fully manufactured packaging: special cut, traditional and manual silk-screen printing in two colors, satin application, sealed and marked with seal manually, with customization and serial number marking, unique and on time.

This is the guarantee that each piece is a unique and unrepeatable piece.

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