Because from the land where we are born, the best seed grows.
By the hands of its people. Harvest the fruits and, without artifice or expedient beside the ingenuity and ancestral creativity that have since become a tradition, make use of the most ancient alchemy.
For “The benefit” (O Benefício) of all, these time we bring the best Sour Cherry Óbidos Liquor, to Startup Lisboa, our second home.

Beltimore Edition

From Fleeting fuel to a backpack for life.
The Beltimore Edition was the first designed in co-creation scheme, a hand-made backpack built from recycled seatbelts, ideal for day-to-day work, supporting computers up to 15 inches, or as a fashion accessory, as it fits any style.

No one knows what it is,
but it’s going to be amazing!

Doing justice to our motto
“No one knows what it is, but it will be amazing!”
We will offer the possibility to reserve
Our next product without anyone knowing
what it is.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
First Edition

This was our first edition, dated October 31, 2016. A Portuguese olive oil, certified as fair trade. Manual special label cut, traditional and manual two-colour silk screen printing, manually sealed with a wax stamp and satin application with unique serial number carving with punch and hammer. Real-time customization.
This is the guarantee that each piece is a unique and unrepeatable piece.